Tuesday, July 19, 2011

South Africa: Inspiration, Vineyards, and Honey Badgers

Scott Catto, Managing Director, Three Custom Color Specialists, treats us to an inside look at the Co-Founders' recent trip to South Africa...

South Africa. I can’t tell you what’s more exhausting - the safari tours (we saw a real-live Honey Badger!) or the wine tastings!

Drinking wine at 10AM isn't exactly how we like to start our day but our guide didn't have to twist our arms too hard to get us to partake! Heck, how often do you get to the wine country in South Africa?

Each winery treats you to between 5 and 12 different tastings. After 3 wineries, then lunch (with, of course, another bottle of amazing local wine!) nap time comes around quickly. Yes, I know at wine tastings you are just supposed to taste and spit the rest out, but we didn't want to waste one drop. Plus, we weren’t driving!

All kidding aside, our trip and guide was fantastic. We hit beautiful vineyard after vineyard with delicious food and chocolate pairings. It was heavenly!

Here’s a round up of the vineyards we toured:
Lanzerac was particularly memorable. This vineyard has won numerous international awards and most notably produced the world’s first Pinotage. After a tasting, they also treated us to a special Honey Liquor that only 2 people at the estate know how to make. (after some online searching, we’ve found a link for you if you want to have a tasting of your own - http://sawine2europe.webnode.com/products/lourensford-honey-liqueur/)

So, what did we take away from our trip? Color inspiration of course! Be on the lookout for our South African Vineyard-inspired shades launching this fall on www.threecustom.com

In the meantime, try our new favorite drink: The Honey Badger Cocktail! Oh, and as they say, please drink responsibly.

The Honey Badger Cocktail
- Juice of one Lemon
- Sprig of Lavender
- Honey Liquor
- Vodka
- Soda

Looking for a South African safari of your own? For a seamless and unforgettable South African travel experience contact our friend Mia. Her vast experience and incredible patience earn her a gold star in our book! http://mia-schoeman.africansafaritravelexpert.com/

Cheers and Safe Travels!